19 October 2014

Could these douche-bags be even more disgusting? (English Version)

-Malay Version HERE-

Take a look at these images, it was taken on the same day, about the same time, same parking bay, its pretty much next to each other.

Its disgusting.

See and judge it for your self. The images and actions could speak for itself.

The parking box is perpendicular but these douche-bags decided to park as if its an angle parking. Refer here 

If one person decided to start to park like its angle parking, and hoping everyone else would follow suit, it doesn't work that way. There are so many others that could still park perfectly. Plus the parking box says it should be perpendicular. And if you feel like changing, this parking bay have two entrance so it requires more effort if you wanna change the system. You must inform the authorities to redo the parking bay instead of simply leaving your car like its an angle parking.

Where are the police when we need them? Still doing speed trap on highways? This happens everywhere else in Malaysia too I believe. I've seen it.

Where are Majlis Perbandaran (in this case, Majlis Perbandaran Kajang MPKj), Majlis Daerah or Dewan Bandaraya to take action? Free parking so no action? Only take action when we didn't pay your parking fee and excited to clamp / tow?

I'm not saying I like paid parking or I like when police walk around issuing summons, but if we can't keep order of how we live in Malaysia, then I guess that might be a way.

Terrible thing is that some of these douche-bags are parents and their kids might grow up like them as well. Its a disease. Its a virus. 

Well, if this happen to continue until 2020, for our so called 'achieving developed country status' in our own way, I guess that's how it is. Double park, triple park, mind your own business, selfish useless fellas, douche-bags, stupidity ... etc .... and we're a developed nation by then. How FUN!

If you see, it does not matter what car you're driving, if you're a moron, you're still a moron.


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