02 October 2014

Driving could be a stressful thing in Malaysia

Sometimes driving during peak hours could be very scary. Peak hours could be defined as follows:

1) 7 am - 8.30 am : Sending kids to school, rushing to office

2) 4.30 pm - 6.30 pm : Picking up kids from school, rushing back from office

I used the word rushing cos its the truth. There are times that I drive 'leisurely' in a relax-not speeding-not trying to unnecessarily burn the precious RON 95 mode. And when I does that during the peak hours, I might be offended. On the highway, driving in that mode, its nearly impossible for me to be on the most right lane. That lane is specifically for performance cars, also for those who are late to work. If I get on the right lane, even if I'm driving a Mercedes Benz its not fast enough for them. They will tailgate you - give you signals something like 'MOVE OVER!' and its only a Persona. I could be faster if there is no car in front of me but what's the point, I'm not rushing anywhere. Once they got over you they will look at you straight in the eyes giving that 'WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU' look. They don't want to be late for work, trust me I judge them by the way they are driving. 

Sometimes you're in the middle lane, speed limit says 110 km/h but it seems driving in the middle lane at 115 km/h is still too slow for some (specifically those who are late for work and those who really like to speed on the highway). 

Then comes the most left lane, its a little bit too slow for me. You have to give extra efforts, changing lanes and such. 

I feel that I should not be driving during those hours if I don't need to. It will cause you unnecessary stress. Might be its affecting your health as well, things like high blood pressure, continuous stress, fatigue etc.

When we are in a hurry and desperate, yeah we will take desperate measures. One of them would be the above. I experience it sometimes, I admit it. But at least I don't drive dangerously. And I always try to improve myself not to speed while driving, by departing earlier, or planning my journey. Good thing is you might save on your petrol budget, to arrive safely and ditching the driving stress away.

-Towards A Better Malaysian On The Road-

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Anonymous said...

It is stressful. Something should be done with our culture of driving in Malaysia